Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magnificent Cottage - Galt Ontario

Now here is where I get a bit confused. This particularly fine example of a State Farm Office in Galt looks remarkably similar to many of the Gothic revival homes I posted just over a week ago. But is it? Or is it a wonderfully understated example of a fine Regency style Ontario cottage? Please help!


  1. Shaped like a Regency. The dormer is a later addition. Oddly, the window/door lay-out is asymmetrical which is unusual for a Regency Cottage...maybe built by a Victorian rebel-type!

    Pat (volunteer with Heritage Halton Hills)

  2. Thanks for the input! I have found in taking photographs of all these homes, an interesting architectural style appears quite often, that being the 'local vernacular'. Many houses appear to have been built along the lines of a certain identified style, but with significant departures that make them difficult to classify. Not that that is a problem at all, it is just the way houses were built in many instances, I suppose! The dormer has to be a later addition as you state, with the small palladian window... Nice that the dormer pitch matches the main roof though!

  3. And the photo has to be of the back and side (at least I think) with the front around the corner probably, although you never know... I will have to drive by again if I am in the area. It is quite possible the unseen 'front' is completely symmetrical as most Regency style cottages are. I will be posting a number of shots of a gorgeous Regency in Stratford in a few weeks, and interestingly, it has a symmetrical front with a possibly asymmetrical rear.