Friday, December 18, 2009

Red brick 'Italianate' - Tavistock Ontario

An absolutely beautiful house, with the red brick set off by the black of the corbels, soffits, fascia, and other trim.


  1. I live in between and across from all of these houses on Woodstock St. N, in Tavistock. My friend lives inside of this one. My houses interior is pretty much identical. Plus my house was one of the first one's there... the garage is on the back of the house too.

  2. Then you probably know a young boy (about nine years old, his name escapes me, I think he has an older sister and brother though) who lives in the red brick house in this post. You may also have come across me, as I live on Hope Street in "Old Burcholz's" house, also known as the "Field House". Thank goodness you didn't catch me saying anything bad, as I do on the very rare occasion!

  3. Ha! This is Tanner and Shauna's house! I finally figured out the kids name!