Monday, December 21, 2009

Yellow Brick 'Italianate' - Tavistock Ontario

A very interesting Italianate, with unusual symmetry, and two bay windows on the front facade. I have yet to see any house like it in my travels.


  1. Hi

    Wondering why there is no photo of the beautiful parsonage ( italianate ) on line 29 just past 107 (59 ) north of Tavistock ( was the parsonage for the Trinity Lutheran Church ) ??????

  2. Hmmm! I will have to find it, and get back to paying attention to this blog! I usually carry my camera just once or twice a month on a trip, take a dozen or so photographs, and post them every day (generally mornings with coffeee) 'til I run out, then get back at it again... Have been doing a bit more home reno and treehouse work, but I will find the house, and include it soon!